About us

The Sleepathon Challenge involves participants staying 18 to 24 hours in an enclosure with the dogs or cats.

The main objectives of the Sleepathon are to…

  • Raise much-needed funds for the shelter.
  • Raise awareness of shelter animals including what they go through on a daily basis.

6th Sleepathon Challenge

We are proud that this year will be our 6th Sleepathon Challenge and that we can help raise much-needed funds for Wollies Animal Shelter.

Wollies Animal Project is a registered NON-PROFIT (NPO. 2013/088783/08) whose mission is

“To give every animal a chance in life”

Our Story

Wollies Animal Project started out in 2003 with the aim of sterilising as many animals as possible. Wollies works with the surrounding communities to get their dogs and cats sterilised, dewormed and vaccinated against rabies. They also educate them on good pet ownership.

With the work Wollies was doing, the need for a shelter was identified to help those animals that have been abused and abandoned. In 2013, Wollies Animal Project opened the Wollies Animal Shelter and now, over 600 dogs and 280 cats rely on them for food and medical attention.

every cat and dog deserves a chance

Wollies does not receive any government funding and rely on donations from companies and individuals.

Wollies is PRO-LIFE and believes that every cat and dog deserves a chance at life and they will not take that right away.

On a daily basis, Wollies uses 250 kg of food to feed the over 600 dogs calling Wollies home at any one time. This does not include the food required to feed the 280 cats in our care and assist the surrounding communities.

Our supporters

Companies who without their valuable help and input, we would not have made it this far. We invite you to support them with your business.

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