How To Register

Each individual wanting to participate in this event must complete their OWN registration form.

When registering online, you can register as a group but please note, the person completing the online registration form on behalf of the group, will be agreeing to the rules and indemnity on behalf of ALL THE PARTICIPANTS in the group.

Guardians must complete a registration for minors under the age of 18 years old.

Space in the cattery is limited – please request availability prior to registering for the event.

Register for the day

By filling in this form, I hereby pledge to attend the Wollies Animal Shelter’s 6th Sleepathon Challenge from 09h00 on 5 September 2020 to 09h00 on 6 September 2020.

I would like to book a place with the dogs @ R300 per person

Details of legal guardian

Indemnity & Rules

6 + 15 =

Step 1: Submit form Information

Step 2: Go to the payment page


1. I hereby declare that in the event of an accident, loss of property, injury to my person or my associates or family, that Wollies Animal Project will not be held liable in any form whatsoever.
2. The same indemnity applies should I handle an animal/s on behalf of Wollies Animal Project when I am not physically on the property.
3. Should my behaviour be seen to be negligent or compromise the safety of fellow humans or animals, I may be asked to leave the property immediately.
4. Should I accompany children under the age of 18, I am fully responsible for their wellbeing and behaviour and I acknowledge that Wollies Animal Project is not responsible for their safety and cannot be held liable in any form whatsoever.
5. I have read, understand and promise to adhere to all the rules and notices put in place by Wollies Animal Project for my own safety and that of other people and animals.


1. I and my minors that I accompany will handle every animal with care and respect.
2. I will not do anything to further aggravate a traumatized animal that may display aggressive behaviour.
3. Should I notice an animal that appears to be listless, sick or injured, I will inform the manager on duty immediately.
4. Animals that are under veterinary treatment may have special dietary requirements, and I will honour this rule.
5. I am allowed to feed special authorized treats to the animals, but may not feed any BONES, SWEETS OR CHOCOLATES, and will not tease any animals by withholding a treat to aggravate the animal or make animals jealous of each other.
6. I will keep all gates to the kennels, cattery, padlocks and any other enclosures closed at all times.
7. I will book-in on the day (5 September 2020) by no later than 14h00.

  • Wollies Animal Project is a non-profit, right-to-life shelter (NPO: 2013/088783/08) and relies on donations from the public and companies. Wollies Animal Shelter is the physical location of Wollies Animal Project.
  • Upon submitting your completed registration form and proof of payment of the registration fee to Frieda at, you will receive your sponsorship form and details on how to order the event merchandise (please note that event merchandise is an optional extra and is not included in the registration fee).
  • Information will be communicated to registered participants via the contact details provided when registering.
  • To ensure you receive the latest information, please follow our Wollies Sleepathon Challenge 2020 Facebook page:

For additional information, contact Charmaine via (phone) 072 439 9555 or (email)     

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